The stranger

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It was an early winter morning and the cold breeze just touched my ears as if it was trying to say something.
It felt as if it had a message for me, the sun didn’t seem all angry this morning, the sky had a blue, which just felt peaceful and the clouds stood there, dancing with the wind.
Birds flew in flocks together, some were just sitting there chirping a melody and the butterflies made the morning even more colorful.
Just as I tried to feel the breeze deep to my soul, I felt strong rush in the wind, the wind almost pushed me back, push which did make me fall, bit comforted me instead, as if some one I love came running from a distance to give me a warm hug.
I again tried to listen what the breeze had to say, as I feel the wind ease up for me.
And yes, it was just than I could understand what this strange wind and smooth breeze has to say…
No, I didn’t hear any words, despite trying really hard, I felt, I felt her presence around me and against my ears, and into my soul, it was her, the stranger.
The stranger who wasn’t stranger anymore…

Author: Noman Shaikh


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