Strong he stands
With val lour and discipline.
Courage he holds,
When he speak in chaos.
Loyalty he owns,
When it comes to love his nation.
Distinction he possess,
That makes him stand out.
He’s never off duty,
When you see him in the borders.
Soldier’s life is uncertain,
But a dream prince of every maiden.
Proud son of every parent.
Always ready to sacrifice,
Hard as Himalayan ice,
Soft as cotton slice.
He waits for command,
Indian soldier is the only brand.
We fear the natural weather,
Who stays strongly in Siachen Glacier.
Now then and forever,
His always alive,
Proud mother of this nation.
His blood turns his meadows red,
The nation cries when everyone sees him in his death bed.
Salute to the person strong,
Who’s absence makes things wrong.

Author: Naaz Nayim
Instagram: @_.naaz._nayim._


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