Death a voyage

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For some death is unblended serenity,
For some it’s beginning of, the cycle of birth.
Some cry & mourn for losing loved ones.
But death turns any moment to memories away.

Death breaks the shackles to freedom,
Death let you free from sanity & insanity.
It unchains you from every emotion,
Some think death is an unpleasant voyage.

Some are afraid of the consequence of death
Few don’t want to get carried in the casket.
Few fears to sleep on a funeral pyre.
Some pursue death as strife to life.

Some are skeptical about life after death.
Some wishes to heaven & bed of tranquility.
Few symbolizes the ravens with death,
In fear of death, some are dead even before death.

Some think life is bivouac until death.
Death is the truth and quite obvious.
Death is quite romantic for some.
For some its cruelty on mankind.

Death makes people obsessed,
Every single day trying to escape
By endless process, few consume drugs.
Some do exercise and take vaccines as med.

Some soul imagine life’s an eternal ray,
Every moment reducing your breath,
Tick – tack of watch inching towards the grave,
Because death needs an excuse, it may persecute, next moment!

Author: Sumit Rao
Instagram: @Unlockvision



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