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Seek what you need

A Door

Alice in Wonderland

And if the world will end

And, there I was torn apart.


Cover Me

Death a voyage


They Told Me I Am A Woman

Hello! Dear Society.I'm a little confused.Help me. Will you?You see, they told me I am a woman.And that I can be whoever I want...

She’s completely everything.

Opinions vary from person to person,But none can deny,She's the best creation of God.She's a Girl.She's a warrior.She bears a succeeding generation,In her womb...

This universe is no more a paragon of virtue!

Tell me all your vice, your sins and lies,Your deepest fear, worries and agonise,What have you been holding on?What is the reason of your...


Soldier,Strong he standsWith val lour and discipline.Courage he holds,When he speak in chaos.Loyalty he owns,When it comes to love his nation.Distinction he possess,That makes...

Sankrant Emotions

Blues skies takes us to a ride to poly-chromatic world,Blessing the eyes with ecstasy,And cheerings on a lazy winter morningAdds beauty to the festival...


He cleared the blue skiesA canvas awaiting it's painter..Urging the winds to blow,Cold and crisp as the winter..He then summoned everyoneOn the 14th day...

oh dear face

Oh Dear Face oh dear face how much you bear? how much you hide ? As i know i need what you did? no one never knows you groan you...

And if the world will end

And if the world will endIn just this way my life hasI know somewhere among the starsAnd through distant galaxiesthis piercing light of sacred...