And, there I was torn apart.

She grabbed me and pricked two holes with a knife-like needle right into my chest.

As I was settling to the pain, she pricked another two right below the center.

And,I was tied, bound and held with some threads. 

“Is this how people are operated?” I thought.

And, She held me straight and started trying to fly me up in the air…

She struggled a lot with it. She took me to the corners and got me up, she tried to pull me with all her strength.


I couldn’t fly. She was sad. She was hurt. 

I felt sad.

I was hurt seeing her sad.

Just when things were getting too depressing, I started to feel wind all around me driving me towards the east.

It felt as if the sun was calling me. It felt as if the wind was in love with me. I started to move with it. But, I was held back with the damn thread.

Her eyes lit. She was excited to see me jumping.

And, she started to try again.

This time I was up in the air… It was amazing as she left me loose…

I could now see the birds all around me… I could now feel the wind kissing me all over.

She felt good. Looking at her smiling. I smiled back too. I made a sound too. She was overjoyed. 

It was perfect.

And, Just when it seemed like a dream. I felt a push.

It was some other fellow. He wasn’t so kind.

I tried to greet him. He wouldn’t listen…

He was stubborn about slashing my threads. To take me away from her.

Ah. And there I was flying all by myself.

First, I thought I was free, like the birds around me. And, just when I thought this. I was awakened by two kids shouting and running to grab me.

I felt lost. 

I felt played with.

I was hurt.

And, I thought about how sad she must have been… 

And, as I tried to hold myself. There I was, with wounds all over my shoulders. 

This time the chest was hurting more. Heart felt heavy too. And, the two kids yelled at each other to have me.

And, there I was torn apart. 

Author: Noman Shaikh
Instagram: @sillycopies


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